& Fine Treats


Special Design / Customized Cake $52 and up

   8 inch round fondant cake, sculpted.


Red Velvet Cake $42

   8 inch round Angelicious signature 6-layer red velvet cake with creamy frosting.

Carrot Cake $43

   8 inch round Angelicious signature carrot cake frosted and loaded with pineapples, raisins and toasted walnuts.


Japanese Matcha Cake $44

   8 inch round green tea cake made with premium Japanese matcha and Hokkaido frosting.

Philipino Ube Cake $44

   8 inch round purple yam cake made with imported ube (purple yam) jam and frosting.

Chinese Black Sesame Cake $44

   8 inch round silky black sesame cake layered with imported black sesame paste frosting.

Irish Guinness Chocolate Cake $44

   8 inch round roasted un-malted barley flavored cake made with Guinness and iced with Baileys frosting


Mango Peach Cake $40

   8 inch round vanilla sponge layered cake with mango-peach fillings and decorated with peach and mango.

Assorted Berries Cake $44

   8 inch round vanilla sponge layered cake topped with assorted fresh berries and pirouette rolled wafers.

Very Strawberry Cake $40

   8 inch round strawberry sponge cake layered with strawberry frosting and topped with fresh strawberries.


Chocolate Hazelnut Cake $42

   8 inch round rich chocolate cake frosted with chocolate and hazelnut crème.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake $42

   8 inch round moist chocolate cake soaked in brandy syrup and topped with fresh raspberries.

Rocky Road Cake $42

   8 inch round chocolate cake frosted with marshmallow crème and topped with toasted almonds and mini marshmallows.

Chocolate Sea Shells$40

   8 inch round rich chocolate cake frosted with smooth chocolate frosting piped into sea shells.